HIDs - High-Intensity Discharge Lamps (For Headlights)

Often HIDs (High-Intensity Discharge) lamps are talked about amongst the 20-somethings who want to (or are) souping up their cars. Well I am here to tell you these headlight lamps are the answer to troublesome night time driving.

I had HIDs installed in my 2011 Honda Odyssey in the spring of 2013 and have not been nervous driving outside of the city’s brightly lit roads since. They give a broad spread of white light across both sides of the road for a clearer, cleaner view.

These HIDs are so good I have bought a set for almost every family member I have as gifts (Christmas, birthdays, etc.)

I highly recommend these to anyone who has trouble with night time driving.

Winter Tires

In Nova Scotia's climate, a winter tire is a really great decision. A lot of people say "I can get around fine on all season tires", well as someone who thought this was true (until I slammed into the back of a CanPar truck during a light snowfall) driving is much safer and controlled on winter tires. Put winter tires on your vehicle and experience how much better driving is on winter tires in cold weather, snow and ice.

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